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Rustic Villa Design

Rustic Villa Design

Merve Gizem Baltacı
July 6, 2021

This house was designed for a Turk living abroad. He built this house in a wonderful place in Turkey. That's Trabzon, that is, the Black Sea. There are 5 bedrooms in the 420 m² house. All rooms have a private bathroom.

Actually, it is a commercial project that I drew for "KOKO Interior Architecture". Since it is a completely stone-textured house, I preferred natural materials for the interior. The client loved wood, so I often used wood in its rawest form. I aimed to remind nature by using my favorite color green often. All this turned an empty pile of stones into a rustic villa.

I created this project using 3ds Max, Vray5, Autocad and Adobe Photoshop. First I created the 2D plans. Then I modeled it in 3D. I finished my design with a few brush strokes in Photoshop.

While using the software, I discovered that it has features that I did not know. My design was liked by many people, including my client. I was very happy both to learn new things and to receive good reactions. Now I'm excited that so many new people are getting to know my project. I can't wait to read your comments.

Thank you for being involved in my design process. And also to the Design Ideas team for inviting me. And dear readers, please criticize me. Because that way I can improve myself.

Merve Gizem Baltacı

I am an interior designer. I love to draw, paint, produce, that is, design. It's great to offer people places where they can feel happy and safe. I love my job.
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  1. Rustic villa design is one of the styles
    The design of the villa has gained a lot of fans due to its beautiful design. In this style of design, the most used material is wood and it is taken from rural houses and it is tried not to use non-native materials. Rustic villas have many advantages, including the interior space, which has a special comfort due to the presence of natural materials and less use of artificial materials, and there is a special connection and coordination between the villa and nature outside the villa.

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