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Rusty Golf

Rusty Golf

Melih Günay
March 7, 2019

Just a different perspective on the changing world every day. Find the public side of a situation I've ever heard his sadness with my job I wanted to put something out. Just for fun I've worked for, something I didn't do with Visual order.

Today, it's easy enough to be transferred with each taste cable and can be accessed by the old hot days for me to get really back in the old days the thought of staying in a way that prompts me to the main idea of the composition. Use the same material for each artifact you can see as a lazy:) actually I intend to take out similar to this image we saw every step of the way.

This composition, created with 3ds Max and rendered using the Arnold rendering engine. Quilted seat design that was a work of the period first started and this old image I wanted to get in. I wanted to capture the intimacy with beach umbrellas, and finally I managed to catch something I like about me.

Why not use a more intimate examples instead of golf when prompted just told him that I love golf:) I was told that I look like a pessimist, but it's not who you are. Mildew carried forward the work of the impact of feedback about Abd.

Melih Günay

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