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S & L by Catherine Lee

S & L by Catherine Lee

Marianne Piano
December 15, 2015
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S & L stands for Skigen and Lee, this is a collaborative project by our featured artist, Catherine Lee and her boyfriend Michael Skigen. We had a peek of Catherine's Bauhaus Stool art set last September and we are in for another treat with this one. A must-have for travelers. Read on and enjoy!

This was a collaborative self initiated project. My boyfriend and I started making small cardholders and wallets together and it inspired me to create this series with scrap leather I acquired from a furniture program in Denmark.

- Catherine Lee



The actual time it took to make these was not very long, maybe about 5 hours total, but designing the patterns and creating the whole series took about the time span of a month.

- Catherine Lee



My first design was intended to be used as a passport wallet in preparation for upcoming travels. I wanted it to look like a simple envelope, but still have a few extra slots for ID and credit card storage. The triangles cut-outs on the inside reflect the angle of the outside flap that folds over. The second piece I made was the larger clutch, intended to be big enough to fit a phone (the outer green pouch fits a phone the size of an iPhone 6), keys and a small wallet. The last piece is just a simple card holder that can fit up to 3-4 cards. These were branded using the initials of mine and my boyfriend’s last names, Skigen and Lee.

- Catherine Lee


The green leather was acquired from left over scraps from chair upholstery. The tan tooling leather was purchased from a leather craft store. All of the patterns for these were hand drawn and the leather was hand cut. All photographs were taken by Michael Skigen and his works can be seen in this link.

- Catherine Lee




Catherine Lee is multi-disciplinary Designer based in Brooklyn, New York. She had Masters in Science in Communication Design from Pratt Institute. From Graphic design and Industrial design to handcrafting leather goods, she enjoys exploring, mixing, and matching a variety of mediums and working in a hands-on environment. With clients as diverse as American Express, NestSeekers International, Lululemon Athletica, and Xtend Barre, Catherine has a broad range of knowledge and experience working in various professional and creative environments. She is continuously seeking new opportunities and challenges to expand her knowledge in the creative field and to provide excellence in design-related services to clients.

See more of her artworks in Behance and follow her in Instagram.

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