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Saab Revival Concept

Saab Revival Concept

Bart de Graaff
January 16, 2018
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This project explores an exterior and interior for a new Saab product if the brand ever got revived. Originally published on Behance, this is a personal project looking into a large saloon car for the Swedish brand to capture both an executive and slightly playful character.

The key ideas behind its exterior proportions are the pulled forward cowl, short front overhang and powerful rear haunches, which together give it an executive feel with a touch of muscle car. The side view shows this character in the best way.

The IP is comprised of two floating pods, the passenger’s being a modular luggage piece with exposed stowage pockets. HVAC and seat HMi are located right by the palm of your hand under the central armrest and the driving cluster is column-mounted.

Thanks for reading! You can find the full SAAB Executive Saloon Project here:

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Bart de Graaff

Car designer at Jaguar Cars,
Previously Rolls-Royce Motor Cars, Sinot Yacht Design.

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