Sad Asian boy

The original name of this painting is not the case. The original name is closer to “sigh”. Before that, I saw an artificial intelligence painting, a psychedelic painting containing many dogs and twists. I almost vomited. It makes people dizzy. In fact, aside from this, I painted Dionysus. There are garlands, fruits, and some whimsy on the head. He may be drunk and stupid. Those bruises and freckles are my own characteristics. To be honest, I don’t think freckles are beautiful. I think it’s possible that these mottled dots make up part of my later style.
After I uploaded my work for the first time, I only said the contents of the main work. In order not to create the “then, what about your other works? What do they mean?” This involves Hyperrealism. My earliest style. In order to get rid of its profound influence on me, I began to deliberately create rough brushstrokes, draw nutrients from oil paintings, and the colors are more vivid and subjective, weakening the realism of the styling. But despite this, they still look very realistic.

I was inspired by Tim Burton’s film (big eyes). Howard Phillips Lovecraft. Francis Bacon.
When I was a child, I was obviously more objective than others to understand things objectively. Living in the country, accurately speaking in the mountains. Exotic flowers in the jungle, cute little animals. Some caterpillars will leave a trace after climbing through your skin because they are poisonous. In addition, some plants, yes, mushrooms, certain fruits, can cause symptoms of dizziness and vomiting. Yeah! You may see “the creatures that only children can see” that are often seen in Miyazaki’s animations. The European elf, who is not a long wing, is an Asian-style little “small butt” with no specific shape. Maybe sitting, maybe playing.

I used Photoshop cc to create. I have used the same tablet for about 5 years. Its model is CTL-671. I often worry about the device’s stagnation and delay in the creation. This may be the reason why I paint very slowly. I don’t have the money to replace a better tablet and laptop.
Most of them, I refer to the massive photos in the network, pinterest. It was very smooth at first, but the Chinese government banned access to foreign websites, which caused great inconvenience to me. I can only use unstable VPN to collect material. . I combine these related information in my brain, and then draw it, maybe draw a draft, but often it ends up being quite different from the draft. I don’t know, I enjoy this process, I feel temporarily forgotten sadness and being laughed at. a matches. Burning my artistic talent, I saw roast goose. Going deeper into the details, I saw my grandmother who loves me. I also saw that in the summer I was splashing water with my brothers in the clear river water. At that time I was a happy little boy. Once I finished painting, I returned to the sorrow of reality and burst into tears.

No, no response. From the point of Behance’s praise, it is a very popular painting compared to my other works.I started to try the creation of fantasy themes from this painting.
Even if there is no such thing as a stacking element, if the artistic conception is enough to be mysterious and beautiful, it is a good painting.

Next time I will upload more works by Hyperrealism.

meng L

Hey, I am Meng. I am an unemployed young man from Sichuan, China. If you don’t know where Sichuan is, I can tell you that it is the hometown of Kung Fu Panda. But now I live in Shanghai.
My field is digital art, illustration. I have almost no design work experience in the digital field in China. Because of God’s teasing, I worked for a game company in Shanghai for a year, which led me to suffer from PTSD.Of course, there has not been any cooperation with outstanding people in the industry. All my paintings are purely for self-expression.Due to long-standing loneliness and being deceived by others, I have struggled to integrate into normal human socialization. I am eager to communicate with people, you can find almost any other social software at—eng. If you like my work, you can contact me and my price is reasonable. Job email:[email protected] [email protected]