Safegate by Eric Pautz

Safegate is the most popular stand guidance system and is seen at major airports throughout the world. It is a system for airport operations – a global company offering a complete range of solutions for increased safety, efficiency and environmental benefits to airports. Our artist was commissioned to provide a cinematic presentation to present the concept. Read on and check out these great illustrations!

I developed the illustrations for Upper First, an amazing Swedish production company. They approached me to develop a visual style for this cinematic piece for Safegate, to present their concept of the ‘Safegate Effect’.

– Eric Pautz



It took about two weeks to finish the project, working at night.

– Eric Pautz

Upper First had a pretty clear view of where they wanted to take it, visually. They liked strong, contrasted lighting, and wanted to explore a cinematic aesthetic. I developed a style-frame based on that idea, and it was approved by them and the client, so we moved forward.

– Eric Pautz



I pretty much used only Photoshop! I sketched out each frame very roughly, with blocks of colors, and built it up from there. For some finer details I moved into Illustrator and then back into Photoshop (the airplanes, the flowers, etc). The files where super huge. The frames were built at around 7000 px wide, so that they’d preserve crispy details when scaled down. I found that to be important to get a bit more clarity on the visuals, since it is a very rough aesthetic.

– Eric Pautz


It’s important to have fun while doing this kind of work. Try to find your own voice and add your own unique style and ideas to every piece you produce. That really helps keeping you sane during those late hours, and things seem more meaningful.

– Eric Pautz


See the whole video here.


Eric Pautz is a Porto Alegre based Designer and Illustrator focusing on concept art, matte painting and illustration, with 5+ years in the motion graphics and post production industry. He also has experience in production design, having received a good number of awards for his industrial design work — including the prestigious IF Concept and the IDSA Awards. He is the current Visual Director at Santa Transmedia.

See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.