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Sahel Hashes Resort

Sahel Hashes Resort

Nada Elhadedy
January 8, 2018
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A resort in Sahl Hasheesh Hurghada, Egypt, with a 90,000 sqm, that includes recreational facilities, residential units, hotel and commercial center. Our Approach was to create a resort that provides a diverse range of facilities and activities , Through ( Open spaces , Recreation areas, Clubhouse , Interactive plaza, Commercial Activities (F&B), Promenade Experience, Aqua park & Sport zone ) .

The concept came through a contentious modification and development to the main idea consideration the site characteristics , requirements , style , colors & materials , through a very very limited process . Since the city have its own design regulation . In respect to the limitation and constraints , We provided a new vision for the resort articulate theme in a contemporary design.

First step was sketching a conceptual ideas , then testing each one individually . and we merge the successful aspects of each one . Adjusting the scale and ratio for each concept was the filter that let us know which idea we should keep .
After modified the sketch into a software drawings we begin the modeling using 3ds max .
then rendering it using vary and editing the color using Photoshop and the plugin color pro. Finally, I prepared the project in details using in-design for presentation.

we've learned a very valuable lesson working on this project especially since it had much more constraints than i used to have " constrains are good for creativity , because it produce important limitation to orient your maps of meanings in to the right direction , and it doesn't necessarily means that the product will end up mediocre ,instead it means more challenges for more accurate and efficient results .

you could find more details and sketch for this project in my behance portfolio

or you can visit our website for more information about my designs

Nada Elhadedy

An Architecture Designer , experienced in provide a new vision for contemporary architecture & planning , Through optimizing the project potential whether its ( functional , aesthetic ,economic , or cultural .

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