Saint-P Apartment

This apartment with a total area of 44 m2 is located in an old house in the center of St. Petersburg, Russia. The customer is a young American who will come here for a few weeks or rent this apartment. The main idea was to organize a large open space from a small apartment and remove unnecessary partitions.

I decided for a long time which style to choose, because I wanted to do something interesting and at the same time preserve the authenticity of the building – large French balconies and ceilings. Therefore, it was decided to do everything in minimalism with the elements of the classics. The white color of the walls gives space, and the concrete floor adds brutality to classic notes.

For drawings, I always use ArchiCAD. For visualizations – 3ds Max+Cororna Renderer. Postprocessing takes place in Photoshop. I try to initially make the picture beautiful, so that it doesn`t have to be pulled in post-processing. Lighting plays a big role – I’m using HDRI and photo-realistic settings in 3ds Max. I do not use the sun, I like a softer light on the renderers.

The customer did not need large closets and kitchen, as he would spend a little time here. Therefore, there is only one closet near the bed in the apartment. The space under the podium is not used, and this puzzles many people. But it was necessary to divide the bedroom and living room area and add a bright accent.

Ira Kulyk

Architect and Interior Designer from Kiev, Ukraine