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Saisho Yoga iOS App by Dawid Mlynarz

Saisho Yoga iOS App by Dawid Mlynarz

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September 10, 2015

Saisho Yoga iOS App not only teaches you how to do yoga but it gives you the full yoga workout sets. Perfect both for beginners and advanced yoga practitioners. The app consists of the most convenient home exercises, not only nourishes your health but also spares you all the tiresome workouts and help you achieve personal goals on the go.

Good design adds value. As well as a good design process. I always start new projects with desk research, checking the users' needs and expectations and confront it with the business goals. I usually use the most popular UX Methods as card sorting, personas, sketching before I jump into any design software.
-Dawid Mlynarz

Dawid Mlynarz

Usually, I following the most recent design trends, but I like adding to the design some original and personal flair. I really like the flat design, however, I also love adding some subtle gradients into my design to enrich the experience. My take on design... I make sure that it is a user-centered design and usability are my key priorities while designing. I put a lot of commitment into my work, in order to craft aesthetic digital products. Beautiful interface is a balance between the visual details and the functionality.

My advice to aspiring artists is, "If you're passionate about what you do and you aren't afraid of hard work and constant learning, you are probably on the good path :)".
-Dawid Mlynarz

About Dawid Mlynarz

Dawid Mlynarz is a 25-year-old designer based in Poznan, Poland. He's the UI/UX Designer @ with 3 years of professional experience. He has a simplistic and user-oriented approach with maximum attention to detail and usability. Designing is not just his job, but his biggest passion. He loves to create new things and solve challenging problems. He wants to become someone who inspires and gets inspired by people. Because design is all about people. See more of his work on Behance or his website.

2 comments on “Saisho Yoga iOS App by Dawid Mlynarz”

  1. Super app, j'adore faire du yoga, et celle-ci semble être super pour ça! Le design et les couleurs sont sympa.

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