Salta and Jujuy, Argentina.

These Images are of the North of Argentina, in the provinces of Salta and Jujuy. All the photographs are taken with a full frame Canon 6D and Canon G16 compact camera. I do the trip in two weeks, i shoot around 400 pictures but i selected some of them.

The photography of landscape is beautiful because you connect with the nature. Landscapes of northern Argentina are characterized by the variety of colors and textures, and the picture is composed of that. Conveys feelings of peace and tranquility because in the places where the photos were taken there is no transit of people, sounds and noise pollution, but yes the sound of roaring wind.

For the editing the photos i used Adobe Lightroom. I use the clarity tool and saturation for give more importance the colors, a little bit. Too i used the sharpening for increase the focusing. I don’t like editing too much the photographs because i like the natural of the images.

The people liked and were interested in the project. I travel a lot to the province of Salta because my grandfather was live there and I like a lot that place. The landscapes are awesome, the colors are unique and the people is so humble. The constructions of the houses are so old and that is amazing.

Juan de Dios Ugalde

Juan de Dios Ugalde is a photographer of 22 years born in the city Mar del Plata, Buenos Aires, Argentina. His approach to photography occurs at a young age of 16 years. It happens in a context of a Sunday day familiar in the field of his grandfather. A friend of her aunt appeared with an analog camera that diverted much attention and generated some curiosity, took a picture and was surprised by the beautiful and unique sound of analog shutter. From that moment it was a mark that hit all future coming ahead. The act of observing the stories and events of life became different and his vision of simple things did not begin to be the same. Since that moment his vision and his world changed forever.