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Rui Gonçalves
April 4, 2018
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I was asked to make the branding for this new exciting Food Blog. I tried to combine a clean and minimal type with some bold and eye catching food photography compositions. I was responsible for the animation/branding/art direction and post-production on this project.

I started this project in 2017 and believe it or not, unconsciously i decided on a route that was marked a new trend in 2018, which is the integration of bold flat typography with real life elements. I spent some time doing research on existing food/restaurant/blog brands and to be honest i was having an hard time deciding on what to do, since the client gave me a lot of freedom. Regardless of what many might think, sometimes freedom can be your enemy. At least in my case - since i'm a perfectionist i always wonder if the idea that i'm having at the moment is the best one i can have and if the product of that is the best outcome i can make. That can result in a long creative thinking process. In the end, this idea came very naturally as i was searching for food photography - it made all the sense in the world to combine something flat and clean (type) with something volumetric and full of colour (the food elements). So i just started experimenting compositions and the rest was a very smooth process.

For this project i used mainly Adobe Photoshop, as i usually do in my projects. I went a lot by my instincts and i didn't use any sketches or drafts for the compositions. If something felt right i just went with the flow and started the post-production on the chosen composition. I made it purposely so that the the photography elements and impact on each other and the typography (shadows/lights) but not the other way around. I also created some food patterns and animations, for some other kind of usability - on social media for instance.

I'm quite proud of the final result and i was expecting a good reaction from my peers to be honest, but just a few days ago my project was featured on the Graphic Design curated gallery on Behance - so that was definitely the cherry on top of the cake. The project was already having a great feedback but this feature was something that i was really looking forward for some time.

I actually made some progress on animation, what i did was quite basic but since animation it's something i really don't know that much about, was quite fun to explore a bit more and having good feedback about it.

Go ahead and see the whole project on behance if you feel like -

Rui Gonçalves

Hey there! My name is Rui Gonçalves, and i’m a portuguese art director/graphic designer.
I remember that it was at an early age that my passion for drawing began, as the years passed by that passion lead me to graphic design and recently to art direction in advertising. I’m very passionate on what i do and i’m aware that doing what i love for a living is just awesome. I clearly have a thing for animal/nature related works (yes, i’m aware of that too) being what inspires me the most. I love to improve my skills and i wont stop until i’ll be the best i can be.
I'm always interested in new challenges so if you want my services, please get in touch at [email protected].

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