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Salvadoran Coffee - Knolling

Salvadoran Coffee - Knolling

Lucía Martínez
June 15, 2021
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El Salvador is a country characterized for being a producer of one of the beverages that generates more passion: coffee, and in each cup there is a long journey, full of stories, scents and flavors.

From this important product a great amount of derivatives are elaborated, allowing us to taste a wide variety of cups and enjoying the particularity of each technique. But beyond each cup there are not only characteristic methods and indispensable instruments. There's also a passionate mind, and when these three factors are mixed, we reach the stellar end of the beans journey, allowing these stories to translate into flavors, smells, experiences and also knowledge about this drink that characterizes us so much.

In essence, this delicate and brilliant art allows us to transmit these unique and special flavors to our clients, thus forming forming a cultural coffee chain.

The technique I used is called knolling, in which you arrange the objects parallel or at 90-degree angles. Making everything look well organized, allowing people to understand what exactly is in the picture. I wanted this picture to capture the eyes of the public, which is why I chose a brilliant color, so they could stop and learn more abut my project. Because my project is about coffee and barism I chose different preparation methods and implements you use while making it.

It was a long process that took several pictures to get to the best ones. I started by making a brief, which gave me my initial step which was collecting the props and sketching the different ways the elements could be organized. Then I started analyzing which color would create contrast and interest, and what elements were going to be part of the final picture. Then I toke some pictures, rearranging the elements and finally went to the selection step in which I hand-picked the best ones and edited them in Adobe Lightroom and Photoshop, this lead me to another selection and chose the best one of them all.

I got a very positive response! People were very happy with my project, the story behind it and most important: the visuals. They were instantly attracted to the color palette and the cleanness of the image.

I would like to invite you to read more about coffee's history, which is very important to us Salvadorans and it makes us very proud!

Lucía Shi

Hello! My name is Lucia Shi, I'm 20 years old and I'm a Graphic Design student from El Salvador. I’m an ambitious and driven person. I’m also very hardworking and responsible. And I’m always looking for an opportunity to do better and grow. My favorite thing about art is how it allows me to express my thoughts visually with great flexibility and freedom.

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