Samal Hotel Lux by Gia Morrow

Gia Morrow’s Samal Hotel Lux is a part of a big hotel project – luxe room design. It is located in the city of Khorgos. The project in general boast a minimalistic design. A place where people can relax. Main targets – environmental friendliness, simplicity, unity with nature. Inspired by Bauhaus and projects of Mies Van Der Rohe.

Minimalism and eclecticism are my favourite design directions. I always have been inspired by Bauhaus and projects of Mies Van Der Rohe, that inspiration set a strong foundation among my views of design and style in this project. The choice of colour palette was set around grey, due to its neutrality and relaxation affect. This project is a place where people can relax,therefore it shouldn’t be pointing around any bright or distracting styles or colours. The main material choice was selected from: concrete, glass, wood, tiles, and marble. Although I prefer the simplicity and natural origin in the choice of materials. Wide glazing, natural lighting, less decoration, calm and understandable colours – that’s all standing for creating a relaxation effect on people.

-Gia Morrow

The project began from creating a main concept, all sketches and planning have been done in this stage. The following software was used in the developing and creation of project: 3DS Max, Corona Renderer, AutoCAD, Adobe Photoshop. It all began from the choice of style, then the detailed development of spaces and its 3D visualizations.
-Gia Morrow

All people react differently in their own special way to my project, some dissaprove, but mainly the reaction is positive. On the stage of developing the project, i had little experience in creation of large architectural projects. In addition I started using new render engine, therefore all progress was slow. A lot of material on the architecture and design was digested. Overall this project was definitely a good and learning experience for me.
-Gia Morrow

About Gia Morrow

Gia Morrow is a 23-year-old freelance interior designer. Design and art have interested and inspired her. There was a constant need for creativity and self-realization in it. Gia loves 3d visualization as a tool for the realization of her ideas. During her free time she’s always learning and trying make something better – always looking for interesting projects and creative people.