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Samp Car_TOON

Samp Car_TOON

Mauri Samp
February 11, 2018
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There is a workflow in the automotive world where first sketches are generated to only begin 3D modeling. Software features like Alias are so powerful and interesting that they suggest new ways for designers to influence the creative process. I decided to break the linearity of this dogma by creating directly in 3D. I suspect that this way I create vehicles that would not be created if I just wanted to be faithful to the sketch. Designers are different from modelers, but a designer can give up the sketch by going straight to 3D with more interesting results than one that only tries to three-dimensionalize the designers' ideas.

For a long time, and that somehow remains to this day and may never die, the transportation design was / is dominated by an aesthetic of irrational exuberance, where sizes, powers, and superlative materials dominated. Touring cars have always been influenced by the imagery of racing cars. I have always been a bit against the Spartan austerity of functionalism where form follows the function, but in a world with more than 7 billion people and resources (for now) excuses, transport design needs to return to the main motive of its existence which is transporting people and this does not happen very well with huge cars clogging streets, avenues and even roads. Car_TOON is a small car whose charisma and good humor compensate for the reduced size. I believe that being connected with people is more important than trying to impress them in other ways and in this respect, this car is very good.

This car has a curious creation process. In February of 2015 an image of a pickup of mine was published in the magazine Cartier (Cartier Art Magazine) where they compared my work with the work of the Swiss architect Le Corbusier. Searching for his name on Google in images mode, I found a car he had designed. I downloaded the technical drawings and deformed the image on the side of the car to fit within the dimensions of the EU-LIVE contest. I could not make the car in due time because I was taking a Masters degree in multimedia at Unicamp - but after defending the thesis, I resumed the project and the result is the one I posted at Behance. I do not usually draw before modeling in 3D. Use as a reference images of other cars or even other projects of mine and create the concept during modeling. I also usually name the vehicles after they were ready, this was also the case with car_TOON, who seemed small and charismatic, as the cartoon characters should be.

Well, as I write this (17:48 pm on January 19, 2018) the project had 37 views on Behance and 8 likes made by the people that I do not know personally. Comment enthusiastically, only the Dannica of without which I would not have been invited to publish here as well.

Mauri Samp

Entrepeneur, artist, designer and master student of multimedia.

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