Samurai Sushi by Elia Colombo

Samurai Sushi, is a set of characters Elia Colombo made to stay in touch with his followers on Instagram. Samurai Sushi comes in four different nigiri in four samurai poses. Elia noticed a good impact of his sushi based illustrations to the public, so he thought of these characters.

The idea came to me when I was thinking about a quick series to represent something fresh and funny at the same time. I really like to play with sushi in my artworks and My colors selection has been influenced by experience (experience drawing sushi, of course)

– Elia Colombo

The process was really simple. I started with a classical sketch on paper, then I moved to adobe illustrator (as I usually do) to digitalize the basic draws using my own lines and colors style. It comes of a 100% vectorial project.

– Elia Colombo

The project had a nice impact on Instagram and behance as well. I learned that a strong concept is not enough to please people (I’m a conceptual illustrator), sometimes it’s just a matter of having fun without trying to send out a specific message (this series has no messages behind, it’s just funny)

– Elia Colombo

About Elia Colombo

Elia Colombo is freelance illustrator designer based in Italy. He’s focused on conceptual illustrations and he constantly seeks for perfection in simplicity. His 100% vectorial work are always sharp and clean, in any format, on any medium. He loves silence and meditation, and this is why he’s not curious at all: a very strange fact for a designer!