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San Valentin 2018

San Valentin 2018

Alexandra Mejía
February 12, 2018
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In this project I try to illustrate elements of valentines with different styles each time. As in all my illustrations, I have fun with the color and thick lines that characterize my projects. I try besides that each element is unexpected ... that is to say if they say to you flowers of valentines, the normal thing is to find a beautiful flower and not a vase with leaves and flowers that surely cares for a single person ... a cupid could be a small blue imp that has fun while floating with its threatening bow ... or a heart can be part of a mandala that a bachelor paints in his room.

The idea arises from a challenge in which I was invited to illustrate elements of San Valent [in. This time, I decided to make each element have a different style, staying true to my naif style, to the love for colors and the thick strokes that I love.

The process is simple, having the idea I take pencil and paper and start sketching until the drawing takes its final form. Later, I vectorize everything in Adobe Illustrator, this is the beautiful part of the process, in which I add details, I have fun combining colors and I can spend hours perfecting the thick and twisted stroke that each of my illustrations carries, I love it!

With this project I have received several praises, in all the elements, although they are different in their realization, you can appreciate the concept of valentines and love as a starting point. I learned that giving a subtle spin to the concept can give fun results.

Alexandra Mejía

Graphic designer and illustrator from Colombia. I love the color, female power and sonrises.

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