Design Ideas Logo ( Art student platform '2017 ) ( Art student platform '2017 )

Osman Akbay
May 10, 2017
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A platform where fine arts can be used by learner and express themselves. With the website we opened a place for art. Exhibited the selected works with our big brands and brought them to art lovers. The digital part of this project was produced with an experienced capacity. The world's prestigious award-winning mixx awards; Was awarded the "silver mixx" award. (I was Creative Group Head at 4129Grey'2016) Our client was Doğuş Grubu.

I thought of a different site design. Students will be able to distinguish between institutional content and student works. We have two separate site structures on one site. I used plain and minimality very well in terms of design. Color usage, the brand's color blue. Student site structure; We bring in sub-pages with images flowing on the line. The basic logic is shifting on the line.

First, how should the site skeleton be? I received a brief from the customer and I had to think about the two-site structure. I thought about how the two sites should work. It was all right, the idea was created. Then I had to solve the ux problem with the contents. I drafted it with Adobe experience. I got the approval from the customer and designed the site with adobe photoshop. I used adobe illistrator for graphics, drawing, svg files. Adobe animate for loading. I used Adobe After Effect for the video to be used in the site. I ran a video for the award jury and general publicity. I used Adobe After Effects for composition, motion graphics, video editing.

Was said to be one of the best things done in the agency. I got very positive turns.
Customer loved our business very much. My friends and my close friends were convinced that they would be rewarded. I believed and won. I know you will get a lot of rewards.

I worked at C section a long times. Now I am working with DPC Global today. We have a strong team, we do global work and we develop projects with global clients. Our aim is to make a site for awwwards, for advertising we want to win cristal apple, effie, felis.

Osman Akbay

Osman Akbay is an Creative Director from Turkey. He work at DPC Global Digital Agency. In 2006 he started his professional life. Studied painting and used his talent in digital arts. Between 2006-2013 he signed many art pieces which are getting prestigious awards. Nowadays, he focused on his own artwork instead of working for companies. His main field is UX and UI designs. His other capabilities is Motion graphics, Video Editing, Retouch, Mattpainting, Illustration, Graphic Design.

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