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Jose elgueta
August 20, 2018
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Santo comes from the verb in Latin Sancire (consecrate, sanction) leading to the sanction as the result of certain laws or rules. From this root we can point out that saint is he who has fulfilled the norms and rules to be the breath of God.

Through each illustration we can collect the basic laws to recognize the chosen one. Finding what you choose to do without wear and tear, converting your habits into discipline and then be able to look at the world with an inverted and natural vision, for the next act to turn your creation into an originality of your being and thus be able to be truly humble and move towards some future. Always addressed by our past. To be a Saint is a matter of practical sobriety and selfless work that allows us the continuous detachment and compassion for unity in his sublime act of living.

the idea came to me from a personal taste for nature and its enormous variety
for me in nature this is the most sacred thing we can have as human beings, that is why all the elements that the illustrations have come from the vegetable kingdom and also somehow mark our union with it as it comes from within us

in this project he mainly occupies iPad in the Procrate program
which gives me a greater ease to work

for this project occupy the ipad which gives me the versatility and comfort to work as if it were a paper I usually start making a sketch with the graphite pencil tool and then assemble a color palette and I will add the colors usually not I use a stroke but in this project I did it to be able to give it much more expressiveness

the people were very empathetic with the project, they liked it a lot, I only had good reviews about it that made me very happy
This project gave me a new way of doing things as I was doing them a while ago, it was good to experiment and realize that I can evolve in my own style

jose elgueta

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