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Sapphire Side Table

Sapphire Side Table

Ruud Groeneveld
December 28, 2017
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The Sapphire side table, is a modern looking multi purpose table that can be use as indoor or as outdoor side table next to your (lounge) chair to create a place for your Sapphire Bombay or other relaxing liquid. In plural the tables are also suitable for parties to create some extra table space or sitting areas.

The idea is a result of my fascination of triangles. But a triangular shaped table with three sharp edges can easily causes injuries. To cut off the edges of the trianle, a shapphire shape emerged. To make a strong iconic shape I tried to make a monolitic form of the table (not just a top with legs), so the metal top needed to be merged into the legs. The legs are bend inwards to create more space for feet when sitting around the table. The bended legs did not look appealing, so an extra fold line is added into the legs. In this way the shape of a Sapphire emerged. By connecting all three legs with a ground plane, the shape was closed (monolithic) like a rock. Extra holes are made in the top and bottom plane to create a space for a (beach) umbrella or a planter with plant. But also to make the shape more transparent, so the inner construction becomes more visible.

The Tabel is made of aluminium, mainly to prevent rust, and it has excellent anodising and cold bending properties.
The inner planes will be anodised and the outside is provided with a durable white mat powder coating. In this way the table looks modern and still has a warm expresion because of the copper/pink glow on the inside.

Pencil & paper (always the main tool) to draw the idea / concept , folowed by using SolidWorks for the dimensions and the manufacturing properties. To create a realistic view on the shape/ dimensions/ materials/ texture and colours, KeyShot is used. Finaly the most appealing appearance, camera angle and lightning will be used to create a rendering. This rendering will be optimised by using Photoshop.
The 2D drawings from SolidWorks are send and discussed with our metal plating factory. The aluminium will be lasercuted, bent and welded (just two lines) and brought to the galvaniser or anodiser, to give the table a copper look. The inner side will be taped so the outer side can be powder coated into mat white.

People love the simplicity of the construction, the beauty of the shape and the functionelity and durability of the table.
I prefer to create functional concepts on paper, optimising dimensions and shape with SolidWorks and textures and colours in KeyShot.
This, I will do back and forth to integrate all aspects simultaniously (it is never as linear as described above).

Beside my highly technical industrial design work at my ID firm, I like to create (as counterbalance) a label 'Modipow' with smart, geometric, modular furniture pieces.
The last years I filled my sketch books with a lot of ideas. In 2017 I forced myself to focuss on working out several ideas and in 2018 I will start producing and hope selling the first products. At march 2018 the production of the Sapphire tables will be started in different colours.
Please feel free to ask me additional information.

Ruud Groeneveld

Dutch Industrial Designer
2000 Cofounder Industrial design company DUNC
2017 Founder modular product label Modipow

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