Satellite – it is the series of modern marble coffee table. It consists of three sizes of coffee tables and the table of regular height. Here is combination of two the most pleasant materials – marble and copper. Simple shapes make recognizable visual image. The base is fixed to the copper tubes so that it is over the floor and creates the illusion – that the whole table hung in the air.

During the work on other project of table I found general idea of Satellite. A bit later I continued work on this project, chose materials, designed fastenings and connections. Coffe table has central basis and bigger top – so in this situation marble was the best choice.

At the start of designing I made sketches with pencil on paper. Later I used computer program for 3d modeling.
After that I had discussion with engeneer – about all details of project – what kind of fastening is better, more strong and esthetic.
When we decided everything – it was possible to made finalization in details and made final visualization

Usually people respond positively. Someone want to have it at home. At this time I’m looking for a manufacturer of this series.
It is my first project with marble. Every time when I design something – I’m learning.
With this project I studied new material for objects and learned technologies for marble processing.

Volodymyr Karalyus