Saurios is an illustration and collage project based on dinosaurs. These have been a huge source of inspiration for my designs lately.

Precisely, What I want people to get from my designs is a new appreciation for imagination and creativity. I want them to open up to a world different to the one we already know.

The idea came to me in pieces. I started making a collage in which I merged a dinosaur with a pig, just for fun, and I ended up creaeting my own fantasy world, where I simply allowed my imagination to fly.
The style and technique I picked based on my personal taste, since I love doing both vector illustration and collage.

I first drew the illustrations in Adobe Illustrator and, once they were done, I moved them to Photoshop to play with the color effects (levels and new balance, for example) and to give them a vibrant and striking appearance.

As for the collages, I made them directly in Photoshop, cutting out images, adding textures, filters and other elements, to get the saturated and over the top effects.

People who come across my designs usually don’t understand what they’re about, but they do appreciate the visual style and how bizarre they are.
I learnt that sometimes is better playing with your designs just for fun.
Use colors, break the rules and create new things !

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Daniela Ruiz