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Save The Children by Gabriel Sotero

Save The Children by Gabriel Sotero

Marianne Piano
September 24, 2015

Fashion industry is a very important sector in the global economy. It provides millions of jobs and creates clothes for people all over the world. Sadly, child labor were also reported globally. This sad truth raised international campaign to stop child labor and is the inspiration of this project. Read on and raise awareness!

Several scandals have recently exposed the dark side of the fashion industry: the existence of child labor in production lines. Despite multiple “big brands” trying to fight this kind of practice, NGOs from all over the world continue to report that child labor still exists, proving that this issue is far from resolved. The problem is that child labor is a distant reality for customers at the moment of purchase, leading them to buy without ever considering how the product was made. That international campaign was created to make people think about the production process behind every clothes they buy.

- Gabriel Sotero


The whole project lasts around 3 months, since we had the idea until the adverts went to the magazines. The idea came up from an ordinary chat, talking how people never think about the production process of their clothes when they buy them. So we thought how to put this question inside people's mind. And the answer was a fashion campaign with a trick in the model's clothes.

- Gabriel Sotero


The photos were inspired by the glamorous editorials created for the big brands, but when you look closely, you can see a child imprisoned inside the photos. The idea of the campaign is not to criticize the fashion world, but to make people realize that this crime is closer to the consumer than people think.

- Gabriel Sotero


Photographers and models were fundamental to make this campaign. The top model Carol Ribeiro was photographed by Jacques Dequeker, but also photographers such as Henrique Gendre, Gil Inoue, Jairo Goldflus e Daniel Klajmic, whose names are frequently associated with the front covers of fashion magazines took part in the campaign.

- Gabriel Sotero



Gabriel is a copywriter from São Paulo, Brazil. He graduated Marketing & Advertising in Sergipe, Brazil. Over the last 10 years he's been working in Sao Paulo, where he had the privilege of working for some of the biggest agencies in the country, including Publicis, DM9DDB, JWT and Talent Propaganda. Two and half years ago he was invited to be part of a challenging project, to help launch a regional agency in Sao Paulo. So since 2012, he's been working at Heads Propaganda. His professional portfolio contains work with brands such as Nissan, Gatorade, Ford, Bayer, Arno, Microsoft, Mitsubishi, Portal Terra, and many others. During his career he had been given numerous recognitions of his amazing works -- Outdoor Gold Lion at Cannes, Design Shortlist at Cannes and Grand Prix For Good Shortlist at Cannes for Save The Children "Imprisoned Children" to name a few.

See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.


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  1. Great campaign, it's really smart to use the fashion industry in child labor since this one of the industries where child labor is so rampant.

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