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S'c Restaurant & Bar

S'c Restaurant & Bar

Angel Medina
June 10, 2017
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With very limited space and customer requirements the project was born from a remodeling of an old Chinese restaurant, with the possibility of a complete reorganization, the client requested a restaurant with an independent area that would function as a bar/disco, a mini market for imported Vivier sales, an exterior restaurant independent of the restaurant and additional to all this a small studio apartment.

In the case of this project, there were different areas wich we had to used different concepts for their interiors.

First of all we have the restaurant, which occupies much of the internal area of the building, is considered as a fairly spacious space with lights colors and the use of wood as protagonist and outdoor terraces with more tables for diners, A self-service area, an attention bar and of course a kitchen that works in common with the bar. the choice of these colors and materials was pretending to make the food protagonist of the areas with all his colors and forms. just like a museum does with the art, not being rude with lived colors and letting the painting talk by itself.

For the bar area, we had a very different space, with the use of backlit cube falling from the ceiling and slightly warmer colors giving to the bar a distinctive and original atmosphere with details such as cured trees and a terrace that becomes a platform for live performances.

For the studio apartment, we used white colors for the walls making the area wider, for the services, the kitchen and the closet of the bedroom area are simulated with a linear cabinet with folding doors.

We used Autocad for the base 3d modeling and blueprints and 3dsMax for the rest of 3d models and rendering with Vray as a render motor.

We started making all the blueprints for the architectural project and searching for references worldwide of the trending top designs for restaurants right now. After that, we started with the 3d model choosing the illumination, materials and colors and of course the furniture for every single project areas in that way we could upgrade all the blueprints with some changes we made. then starting the rendering process

They loved it, and right now we expect to make the project comes true soon this year.

We learned a lot about how a project even with limitation in space and customer request like could work even if it looks impossible, how a project with combinations of areas like apartment and bars could work with a well-made organization and optimism from the beginning.

Angel Medina

Actually living in venezuela, working in r2 Construccions a family business.

with objectives outside the border. passionate and contemporary Architect and chef loving the well done tasks and a united workgroup

Visualization 3D Autodidact using programs as like 3dsMax and Vray

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