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Scandinavian Living

Scandinavian Living

Hassan Fathy
April 26, 2018
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This project is a living Room I use a Scandinavian style , i break some role of this style , use more elegant color but all color is monochromatic in shade and tone Zone except the frame on the wall , use natural light

I just love the Scandinavian style , its bring the inner pace in the space , i start to use the Scandinavian pallet at first witch is the the natural color pallet , with tint , the all color close up to wight but i try to bring some color to the shade
the martial i use Matt wight wall paint , HPL For the floor , the ceiling i use natural wood even the beam .

I use 3D S Max for make the whole model ,download some free models to complete the scene and the young GPU rendering engine called F-storm that’s it - i use Photoshop for make a good texture ,

the less is more - I design my project far away the more details in the modern , ultra modern or classic , and heavy classic , i choose the simplicity , it’s all about the Scandinavian Style its all about the simplicity , distinguish with the simple lines simple color ,natural light ,natural material and good art work on the wall

hassan Fathy

My passion is architecture , interior design , i learn about the styles , those styles means the heritage of humanity , I try to make some changes to combine with our date

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