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Scaredy Cat Zine

Scaredy Cat Zine

Shelley Hampe
July 27, 2022
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Scaredy Cat Zine was created as a way for me to deal with my anxieties in a humorous way. This zine is compiled of fifteen handmade illustrations and is in a square format. Scaredy Cat is a limited printed zine of 100.

I have always had a fear of germs and the pandemic brought those fears to new levels. In 2020, I spent hours watching TikTok videos of cats as a way to relax which is why the hero is a cat. My illustration style is cut-paper because I like the idea of physically building stories. Cut-paper collage is also a great way to experiment with found images. I find it so much fun because this building process is more like play than work. Before I send illustrations to print I always touch up or add any necessary thing digitally.

I began this project with rough sketches and then moved into collecting found papers. Each image was transferred onto tracing paper from the sketches to be used as patterns for cutting. Once all the elements needed for an image were cut out I then glued them down on cardstock-style paper. At this point all fifteen images are complete and I scan each one and digitally retouch any needed areas. Using InDesign, I paginated the document for the image and text. And the final-ish step was sending it to print with a zine print-on-demand company.

I've gotten nothing but positive feedback about this project. My agent would like a fully fleshed-out picturebook story to star Scardey Cat, but I haven't figured that one out, yet.

Fear can lead to funny things.

Shelley Hampe

I am an author-illustrator who grew up in the sprawling plains of Texas, where I spent my days climbing trees, reading, drawing, and having long conversations with Cotty, my imaginary friend.

I have collaborated with professionals from Harvard University, illustrating a ground-breaking social-emotional learning program developed for children. I illustrated the non-fiction picture book, Dreams Grow and the Merlin Raj early reader chapter books. I have a master’s in studio art and have participated in world-recognized artist residencies in the United States.

I live in Dallas, Texas with my husband, two boys, and a dog; but no imaginary friends.

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