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Scenty Presso

Scenty Presso

Taeyeon Kim
December 8, 2016
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About the project, Scenty presso is a coffee maker which has function of coffee diffuser also. People enjoy coffee by its taste, flavor and scent. Scenty presso can satisfy all these needs. User can feel coffee scent while they enjoy coffee. I designed scenty presso to enjoy coffee 100%.

People who love to drink coffee distinguishes the kinds of coffee by its taste and scent. And they enjoys taste and scent of coffee at the same time. Like this, scent plays a leading part in coffee as much as taste.
Used coffee ground is a good deodorant and air freshener. It can reduce bad smell in the room or kitchen such as shoes smell, refrigerator's food smell. Therefore, some people put used coffee ground in small bag or cup and place it where it needs to be put.

But people who know this advantage tend not to use used coffee grounds because the process is so complicated and tiresome. In order to use used coffee grounds as air freshener, user has to dry it perfectly and put them in small bag or cup. And finally, place it where user wants. I wanted to simplify this process through my design.

Using tool efficiently is important. But I think the most important step of design is actualization of concept and ideation. I sketched about 100 A3 papers maybe. It is filled with my thinking and idea. Good design comes out from these basic steps.

People say that they would like to buy my product if it exists because they want to enjoy taste of coffee and aroma of coffee at the same time. I learned that researching people's needs is so important. Recently, BALMUDA developed a new humidifier and natural evaporation technology is used. Structure of scenty presso is inspired by the technology. Natural evaporation technology is based on natural evaporation phenomenon. Adding power of wind on this, it can improve the effect of product.

Thank you for enjoying my project and keep visiting my behance because i will try continuously ?

Taeyeon Kim

One comment on “Scenty Presso”

  1. Good day,
    My Name is Nathalie Lapalme and I work for a small company (40 stores) has the category manager (buyer) in the Province of Quebec, in Canada and I am very intrigued about your product. I will be in Chicago at the home and houseware show next week and was wondering if you were attending also or if you add a booth so we can meet. Please let me know

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