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School of Music Project by Miguel Rowert

School of Music Project by Miguel Rowert

Honey Adraque
June 12, 2015

Music always touches the heart of every human being living here on Earth and I am one of them. This featured design for today will inspire you to follow your passion in music or whatever it is that you are passionate about. Let us take a look and let us know what you think for this project. Enjoy!

Who it was made for?
The project was created in order to obtain the bachelor's degree in architecture at my university. Each student had to create some project based on some real case.

- Miguel Rowert


cafe 1

How it was made?
The project took 10 months as a whole. They were exactly three months of study information about the project, from the choice and justification of the project site to the analysis of student needs, architectural programs. Subsequently, the design stage was made approximately in four months, leaving the last 3 months to work in interior spaces, planes and polish some details.

- Miguel Rowert

cafe 2

estructure desing 1

The inspiration
The project was thought that all activities, sounds of urban area in this sector focus on the music school. That's why they work with urban texture that tries to unite the whole context to the project.

- Miguel Rowert

exterior 1

exterior 2

About the design
it had a field L-shaped, with two entrances, one could make a side atrium entrance as a public space, and on the other hand there is an emergency exit and entry of artists to the stage of the school. On the way I try to handle pure volumes, materials that give strength to the project and moving lights.
In one of the facades the idea of installing LED lights that can function on metal blinds using a sound measurement system will measuring the noise of the city and the neighborhood planet.

- Miguel Rowert

floor fragmention  nivels 2

floor fragmention  nivels 3

The "School of Musical Arts" project arises because creating music career UMSA and later it was placed in the career of arts, the lack of space, infrastructure, made the race can not accept more applications. It is that we proceed to the creation of the Faculty of Musical Arts in the UMSA
This building will include the necessary spaces, and also formed part of the urban agenda of the place, and will be located in the neighborhood of Sopocachi, a bohemian and cultural area where the project will be linked with the urban structure. It will present an entrance plaza that will serve the public atrium, where you can develop concerts and other activities, will also have an auditorium for lectures and concerts. By academic areas will have theoretical, instrumental classrooms, will also feature a studio where students can learn the system of recording an album and use it to record your own material. A project that will greatly assist the new musicians, giving them a better infrastructure suitable for teaching and practice of this environment, and giving them a better chance as musicians.

- Miguel Rowert

floor fragmention  nivels

Night exterior 2

Access Square, the buildings adjoining the premises, the scale of the neighborhood and its influence are characteristics of the site that generate impact in the proposal. Urban hatched, the different scales and the neighborhood itself, bohemian, cultural and full of activity, are what make the project tie to the area, and part of it, joining and creating a new center of learning and culture activities. Generating public spaces, and releasing stress, it is by which the project is inserted and adapts to the site.

- Miguel Rowert

Night Exterior with contex

structure desing 2

About Miguel Rowert

Miguel Rowert is an architect with experience in design and construction of projects. He has a degree in Architecture and recently, he was able to study a specialization in Management and Project Management and Construction, University of Buenos Aires. His major interests are the architectural design, art, photography and music. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile.

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