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School Work - Studio 2018

School Work - Studio 2018

March 2, 2020
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During my training as a graphic designer, I had the opportunity to have a studio photography course. I learned the precise functioning of a camera as well as the whole artistic and aesthetic dimension of photography. I could have had fun with some of my accessories, like my masks, my makeup and my ideas to achieve this result.

The idea came with the opportunity to have a photography course. let's start with the technique, the camera is a Canon EOS 800D, with a classic lens (25-50mm). For style and color, they are the representation of my graphic design universe, with a strong presence of red, and disturbing elements.

for some photos I used Adobe Photoshop, but some are raw, without retouching. I had to play with the contrast, the luminosity, the colors (in particular red to make it stand out). And a very slight use of Lightroom to equalize the result between all the photos

I had good feedback from my graphic design colleagues, and I had good marks for my photography exam, which leaves me easily thinking that I can use photography without problem in my next works. My studio photography lessons were an excellent experience in my training as a graphic designer, and this will have to be repeated if the opportunity arises again


Student at graphic design, Saint Luc Liège, Belgium

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