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Sci-Fi Machine Gun

Sci-Fi Machine Gun

Enrico Napolitano
October 27, 2019

My 3D asset represent a Sci-fi machine gun.
The idea comes from a concept by Carlo Balassu.
It was modeled with 3D the software Foundry Modo and textured (later the unwrapping) with Photoshop.
This asset is good both for movies scenes and videogames.

This 3D model comes from a 2D concept by Carlo Balassu.
I fell in love with his drawing style and wanted to create in 3D the picture he made, trying staying as close as possible to the original concept.
Materials and colors were choosen interpreting the concept.

I used only one 3D software which is Foundry Modo, but any 3D software is good to model that.
First of all, I studied the 2D draw, which is in perspective, trying to figure out proportion and volume of each single object in it.
Then I started creating primitive solids (like cubes, cylinders, etc.) trying to get the block out (the general shape).
After that, I proceeded adding details more and more.
When the modeling was finished, I continued with the UV unwrapping and then with the texturing in photoshop.
Last but not least, it was the lighting on the scene and the final renders.

People responded good to my project, they recognized in me skills in hard surface modeling, but not only.
It isn't the first time I do an asset like that, and even if the production process is well tested, there is always some new skill I use to increase the pipe line speed.

If you enjoy this model and want to see more, get in touch with me.
Feel free to contact me to propose me projects, I'm based in Milan (Italy) but I'm available to move abroad or remote working.
[email protected]

Enrico Napolitano

Designer in love

2 comments on “Sci-Fi Machine Gun”

  1. The ergonomics are generally good but I would try to bring the LAM (laser aiming module) back toward the center of gravity to avoid making it muzzle-heavy. I'm also concerned about the presence of P-rails on the cheek rest. That's not a weapon I want to use because even if the edges are rounded they'll still bite into my face. I'm not sure how what might be the battery compartment on the sight is supposed to work. It looks the the end that should have the battery cap on it is flush against the optics housing. If it is meant to be configured like an Aimpoint CompM5 or similar, the battery cap screws off of the forward end of the battery tube to allow changeout. Lastly, I would consider using a sliding selector / safety switch on the FCG (fire control group) as the swinging lever looks like it might partly obstruct the trigger; if you want a safety that obstructs the trigger intentionally I'd consider one like we see on the M-14 and related rifles; having a swing lever selector that goes all the way forward or all the way back for firing and to the middle for safe doesn't follow optimal progression. As a side note, the ideal LAM / illuminator would have a variable output multi-frequency laser (visible, near IR, and far IR modes) that can be seen through the top optic (which would also provide magnification, image intensification, FLIR, and auto-gated glare/flash compensation), and a 256 color plus IR adjustable output OLED with a dimmer control. Just some thoughts from someone who works with real steel from time to time.

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