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Science Society of China by Yukai Du

Science Society of China by Yukai Du

Honey Adraque
June 16, 2015

The series of illustration about Science Society of China is a commissioned project. It was created for an article called ‘Science Society of China – the length of a short dream’ of Life Magazine, China. Read on and enjoy!

Back to 1905, a group of Chinese students, who were the pioneers of science in China, went to Cornell University in USA for their study. Science Society of China, which was the earliest Chinese scientistic organisation, as well as the earliest science magazine in China – Ke Xue (Science), were both created by those group of people. The artworks were inspired by their stories and lives.

- Yukai Du

02 Ke Xue Magazine

03 working scientists






About Yukai Du

Yukai Du, illustrator and animator from China. In 2012, she received her bachelor degree in Guangzhou, China. After her first animation film ‘Musical Chairs’, she travelled to Europe for getting more inspiration. In July this year, she graduated from Central Saint Martins College. The animation project ‘Way Out’ is her final project also her second animation shot film. Currently, she is working as a designer and animator in London. You can find more of his artworks on his Behance profile or website.

3 comments on “Science Society of China by Yukai Du”

  1. Never heard about Science Society of China. Quite astonished that it dates back to more than a century back. Coming to the artwork of the same, it has that vintage and old touch to it which truly justifies the time and the subject on which the society was based i.e., Science. Everything was done to perfection!

  2. This is very mysterious. What exactly is the Science Society of China? I guess that these evocative illustrations will make me go and find out more. Who are all the strange figures? What's happening in the lab? In the last picture, what's in the bowl? It looks like there are pills there. Very strange and atmospheric. Great stuff. Would be great to learn more.

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