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Bella Wattles
February 25, 2018

I have created illustration inspired by sculptures, covering the basic spectrum of colors. I chose to make each monochrome in color with a caption to match the expression. The captions are meant to be funny and sarcastic, to balance the seriousness of the sculptures.

I saw a photograph of a sculpture, and it was so beautiful I had to draw it. I loved the depths in the shadows, it reminded me of a topographical map so that's how I approached each drawing. Once I finished the first one, I knew I had to make a series of these and doing a rainbow just felt right. Each caption just seemed to fit the expression of each sculpture, and bring a little bit of sarcasm or humor to the illustrations. I liked the monochrome look because sculptures themselves appear that way most often, but usually in the grey to black range.

For these illustrations, I used Adobe Photoshop and a Huion tablet. I would find a good reference image, or a few, and start with the lightest layer covering the shape I wanted. I'd move into medium level shadows next, and then darkest on top to create the range of depth.

This project was a great exercise on drawing shadows, as well as drawing figures by using shapes of light and dark to create a complete image. The response for this project has been great, and I feel really great about what I've accomplished with this one.

Thank you for your interest in my project! You can find more of my work on my instagram @bellawattles .

Bella Wattles

Graphic Designer and Illustrator living in Los Angeles

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