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Seater Monom

Seater Monom

Jurgis Judžentis
July 3, 2018
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A piece of furniture made for public environments and private territories fitted for temporary sitting or waiting. It was made not for comfortable seating, the main goal was to make a piece of furniture which can be seated just for max 10 minutes.

A task and problem was given by university and then I came up with this solution - seater MONOM. It consists of monumental concrete section, which makes it stable on the ground, and rocking sitting part, which is made from wood and adapts to human height

First of all, of course, I started with sketching... After many of ideas I choose somethiNg like you can see now. Then it was needed to make proportion research. When I find a good looking proportion started 3D modelling in Solidworks, imported model in Keyshot to make a visualization.

People were interested and asking what type of product it is, but I think that is a good thing because every product should be different and interesting. Also by doing this project I learned a lot. IT was a good task to improve my skills with searing a good proportion and form, also improve my computer skills with making a realistic renders.

Jurgis Judžentis

Industrial design student from Lithuania

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