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Secretos del Bosque | Pastry and coffee shop

Secretos del Bosque | Pastry and coffee shop

Valeria Gamarra Espinoza
July 17, 2017
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Secretos del Bosque is a pastry and coffee shop with the setting of the story Hansel and Gretel. It offers a fusion of European and Peruvian desserts. This university project consisted in create its concept and its visual identity (naming, logo, stationery, menu card, merchandising, identity manual and panel display).

I'm always being inspired by nature and magic. So, I thought it would be fantastic to join these two concepts in my project, and the Hansel & Gretel's story was perfect to start. That's how "Secretos del Bosque" (Secret of the Forest) was born. A pastry and coffee shop that recreate the candy house of the tale, and that use only natural ingredients for its tasty desserts.
I began creating a dynamic lettering that give everyone the sensation of the typical forest creepers. Then, I made the graphic pieces, which consists of a variety of plants, flowers and illustrations of the dishes for the menu, with and vintage and fanciful style. Also, I used shades of green, blue and purple in the color palette to give a natural and magical sensation.

In this project, first I made a lot of sketches in paper for the lettering. Then, I digitalized them, and made the lettering in Adobe Illustrator. For the illustrations, I studied a variety of plants that are used for made desserts and natural drinks. Also, Pinterest was a awesome website to find nice dishes to draw. Then, I used Adobe Photoshop to digitalized everything.
After finishing all this, was very easy to design the stationery and merchandising that could transmit all this natural and magical essence.

My project was very acclaimed for the judge of end of course, who told me that it was a innovative idea and a down-to-earth project. Also, my work was chosen for be exposed at the gallery of my university.
With this project, I learnt many things of the pastry world, how to create a functional logo and stationery and how to transmit my concept with the illustrations.

Valeria Gamarra Espinoza

Hello! I'm from Lima, Peru and I'm a graphic design student of Universidad Peruana de Ciencias aplicadas (UPC). I'm on the third year at my university and I have inclination in illustration, editorial design and identity.

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