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Self Balancing stick KEVDIA

Self Balancing stick KEVDIA

Michael Dimou
August 2, 2018

This project is to improve the lives of people with mobility problems or campers who are multitasking. It is still a walking stick that can and stands alone even when the man does not hold it. It is also distinguished for its resistance to adverse conditions.

Our inspiration comes from the branches of eucalyptus, where its sleek shape gives the impression of certainty and robustness as well as cycles of bokeh. The challenge was to use this shape and to do something more resilient than the other sticks. It is also inspired by people who have a mobility problem and want at the same time to do other homework.

The programs we used to design the self-balancing stick are the Fusion 360 and the Photoshop 2018. I started with the design of a simple stick, I added to the trunk and to the bottom ribs that hold the basic stem. I also added the handle that works neatly with the palm of man so that it does not slip out of his hand.

The balancing stick materials used are Kevlar-49 and lead at the bottom. The arrangemenτ of the stick is such that it can be easily assembled. We used 3 plastic molds to make the shape of the stick, spread the Kevlar-49 cloth and pass it with epoxy. This arrangement of the stick helps to absorb a possible impact and prevents it from being crushed. The bottom of the stick is damping in its stabilization, because since the weight is not spread across the length of the stick, we have focused the weight on the bottom because of the lead, so the center of gravity is at the lowest point. This results in the spade being turned to 90 degrees with the ground and always standing upright.

Τo sum up, this unique backpack with its “minimal” design improve the lives of people with mobility problems or campers who are multitasking. It is also a stick k that can respond to extreme grounds that other stick can not. The weight of the stick is 0.45 kg and the corresponding size of the walking sticks. This stick is suitable for the elderly who have difficulty moving forward and need to do housework, people who have had an accident or illness, resulting in difficulty in walking and campers who are multitasking and do not have to crawl to catch their stick that has fallen. The KEVDIA Balancing Stick will always be there.

Michail Dimou

The Product Designer Michael studied mechanical engineer at the Piraeus University of applied science . His diploma was the design of an A400M transport aircraft where he discovered innovative and more effective ways to design the aircraft skeleton. By engaging in product design in several R&D departments, work in industry (bottling, packaging machines & marine) and collaborating with innovative global and offshore companies, he has developed methods of rapid design and direct results.

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