Selfish Club is a fishing club in the country which additionally offers high quality food and accommodation. The club has been positioned as a prestigious haven for a male community. The target was to design a logo that included a visual communication system as well as to develop the further promotion of the club. The logo, two crossed metal fishhooks, conveys an impression of strength to represent the project’s main idea of a strong community. Calm dark colours resemble water surfaces and fish scales. Light colours of a sandy shore and wood were added to the palette for natural contrast.

Every our project we begin with creating moodboards with different references including colour swathes, textures and just inspiring images. They form the first presentation to the client as the base for future brandvision. When the style and colors are defined we continue working on the logo concepts.

Actually only sketches were made using pencils and paper. All the further work is digital. The sketches are duplicated in vector format and get their determined forms.
Our team uses Mac Pros with Adobe Photoshop and Adobe Illustrator installed. Also the 3D version of the logo was created using Autodesk Maya.

We’ve learned the true self of simplicity as the first drafts were too intricate with extra lines and elements. As the Selfish project was released we received a lot of positive feedback.
After all we got a huge experience of taking part and winning different local and international design awards, e.g. Red Dot Awards 2016. And that’s amazing how many people around the world appreciate our work.

Not only your abilities and skills define the result. Time also matters a lot. A lot of professionals can make good things quickly, but when the work needs to be done best, no doubt it will take some time. The Selfish club is the project which was done right from the beginning, step by step. It needed a lot of efforts, professionalism and time. But it’s worth it.

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