Sennheiser Outdoor Ad Campaign

The ‘your sound. your sennheiser.’ concept was born, which plays on the authenticity of the Sennheiser brand.

The idea is that sound is for the individual inside you and these headphones are the gateway to escape into your own world.

Percept directed a photo shoot using real local musicians, with an abstract graphic twist to bring the concept to life, drawing attention the emotion that music evokes in all of us.

People from all walks of life can identify and connect with the product and the brand, drawing on inspirations and memories relevant to their own life which is something that makes music special.

We chose a muted colour palette that championed the brand’s corporate colours and also used a subtle highlight colour to focus on the connection between the sound and the mind.

Adobe CS was used and obviously a lot of photoshop work was required in the layers and detail of the hero images.

Selecting imagery that was truly part of the fabric of each person’s life was important and we surveyed the artists in the photo shoot to ensure that the selection of imagery was authentic to what was important in their life.

The three month outdoor advertising campaign was run with major train stations within Sydney and Melbourne; billboards and lightboxes, as well as bus backs and bus shelters in high exposure city locations.

Online support through their website, social media avenues and online ads also helped to make this campaign a success.

The client reported a significant increase in sales from this campaign and have continued to work with Percept as a result.

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