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Simona Bevere
February 8, 2019

"Sens-Azione" is a teaching and inclusion tool for people with or without disability. A simple and safe way to teach Braille to visually impaired and blind children, on one side; a way to raise awareness, in people of all ages and abilities, about the utility and actuality of Braille.

The design idea coms from the desire to use the peculiar characteristic of copper to fight the bacterial proliferation on its surface, making it extremely suitable for those objects that are many times in contact with people and especially with children.
For this reason I chose to use copper, in favor of tactile language for the blind.

Thanks to copper, the aesthetics of the project will have a strong impact, deviating from conventional teaching methods,
in favor of a sought-after appearance. The polished copper allows to distinguish letters and numbers as well as commonly we read them, leaving total tactile attention instead to the Braille in relief.
The rest of the nut is made of opaque copper, while the guides on which the sentences will be constructed will be made of copper

An object to break down the linguistic, cultural and skill barrier and, above all, to reinforce a sense of belonging to a community.
In a period like this, where we need to be informed, connected, global, dynamic and always a step ahead of others, modern people should also learn to interact, share emotions and experience empathy.

Simona Bevere

Apulian by birth, I'm in love with the art, colors, sun and italian coffee. I practice yoga and sketch almost everyday!
I like designing since I was 12, when I rethought to a new comfortable version of my school desk... 10 years later I took my Industrial Design Degree at Milan Politecnico and then the Master Degree in Product Design for Innovation.

I reinforced my design experience by the University of Applied Art Die Angewandte in Vienna and now my skills include product, graphic, service design.
I aim to a responsible and creative design as the main driver of innovation for people and business.

My motto is "Good things take time".

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