Serge Grand Palais

While researching for a Graphic Designer, Serge Grand Palais came across my Creative Invention branding project and wanted something similar and presentable that would brand their business. A unique combine lettermark and icon logo, and a clean, simple, classic business card design for their brand. Through long distance communication and exchange of my ideas for the logo design with the client, we finally hold on to the idea of illustrating the entire Serge Grand Palais building and framing the unique part of it with a stroke shield as their logo. Part of the main auditorium outer view works well as logo because it would be recognized in any branding identity for the building one of a kind architecture even without it lettermark.

Because Serge Grand Palais is always responsible for organizing something which brings people together under one roof, the business card has been design with the idea of half of it building on the front and half on the back side of the card. Concept or idea of this design is wherever or when ever two holders of these business cards meet and join the opposite site of the business cards together, it form the complete Serge Grand Palais building like bringing two people together.

Colour pallet combinations are from décor trends and colour idea of the Serge Grand Palais building. The Minion Pro typeface was chosen because of its delicate stroke and curves, and it is a fine combination to use for heading or for invitations in event planning business.

The logo development process begins by stroke illustrating the front view of the entire Serge Grand Palais building in Adobe Illustration after confirming the logo concept with the client. And finally I went on and extract the most important or unique angle of the building that would be easily identify as the Serge Grand Palais building.

The client commented a lot of appreciation and job well done as I came up with what they didn’t expected on completion of the project. And some graphic designers defined it to be a creative and good business branding inspiration.

Credit: Broklin Onjei

Broklin Onjei