Sergeant Sparrow Brew Co.

Sergeant Sparrow Brew Co. is a Hempton based beer company. In 1976 Sparrow formed a Hedonist squad with one mission, to serve freedom by brewing quality craft beer. Task in this project was to design packaging for Sergeant Sparrow’s new “Heavy Artillery” limited edition six pack.

This is actually a personal project. It all started with my intention to practice and experiment with illustration and typography… I needed a theme so I came up with a name Sergeant Sparrow Brew Co. and designed a logo, later I came up with a tag line… after I defined a logo more ideas started to pop up and I thought that would be a good idea to expand this logo practice into a full branding project.
I was blown away by creativity of many beer companies and I wanted to give my shot to this industry. Some of this companies have character, humor, they are not so serious / stiff look. From name to looks I wanted to take my Beer Co. project into that direction.

Everything was designed in Adobe Illustrator and Photoshop and I used wacom cintiq drawing tablet.
Drawing, coloring and texturing was made in photoshop, layout and typography in illustrator. I started with a black and white illustration and added colors later.
Labels were printed in my friends print shop and my girlfriend helped me with the photo shoot.

Many people asked me where can they buy this beer? Who is a manufacturer? I got a lot of positive comments and feedback. Few projects came from clients asking me to work on their projects within this style which is great.
I learned that if you don’t have any cool projects at the moment I should definitely find some time to work on my own ideas and bring them to life.
(this actually isn’t new but it is good to remember)

Nebojsa Matkovic

Freelance graphic designer and illustrator currently living and working in Novi Sad Serbia