Settings for Shot

I’ve decided to make settings page for conceptual app. The app like mobile version of Dribbble. The project was done during Daily UI challenge. It was seventh day of challenge. My goal was to make it simple and eye catching. Do you think I got it?

Dribbble design and colors inspires me, so the idea came itself. As a regular user, I needed to get a mobile app to make using of Dribbble more comfortable, but couldn’t find it, so this idea is conceptual, but useful.

The first step was grid, so I used GuideGuide. I think grid is important for best aesthetic view. I designed in Photoshop but before I used Illustrator to make some elements like icons. Also, I draw usability on paper. It’s nice step to visualize future project.

I’ve increased some UI skills during this project. I’ve received some feedback from designers on Behance and other resources. So, I think the app can be useful for some designer mates who use Dribbble for their inspiration. Maybe I can continue the idea?

Marusya Voblaya