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Shape of venom 毒心態

Shape of venom 毒心態

Choi Ha Rhim
August 11, 2021

Storming like the high tide of the night, Blooming like a spring flower, Burning like a red sunset, Spreading like a spore of germs. It is emotion, the 'poison' at the heart of this project.
Emotions kill and save, shakes and erodes us without any sound. Interpret emotion that has no form but has strong power as poison, It is the snake that visually reveals it.
Will it save us? Or swallow us?

In fact, I am often dominated by emotions.
So I wanted to illustrate the feeling when some emotions came to me. It sometimes feels like Full moon, waves or flames, flowers and fungi.
So I wanted to use strong colors in this project, and I used expressions that are not simple like as repeated spirals, bones, and split natural objects.
The faces of the characters are indifferent, but something is fluctuating in the landscape surrounding them. Through this contradiction, I wanted to express a dramatic sense of contrast.

Because I'm a digital art illustrator, I do everything on my computer. Using tablets and a program Clip Studio Paint, first make illustration proportions and sketches. The elements and colors that match each characters are pre-planned before the sketch. This project wanted to give the impression of an old paper poster, i used rectangular proportions, vintage textures, and noise. Color correction, font, texture and noise use Photoshop.

Thankfully, people praised me for showing my identity better than anything else. I always draw with similar thoughts and concepts, and it's amazing and interesting that people who see the results feel differently.
As I completed this project, I realized that the effort will pay off as much as the investment. People never ignore on the effort when the artist draws with great care. I made a resolution to work harder. Thank you always.

Kawa Rhim

Kawa is Digital art Illustrator in Korea.
Working as a freelancer, continuing to expand the scope of individual works.

2 comments on “Shape of venom 毒心態”

  1. Oh. my god. i am. speachless. This is AMAZING!!! Your style looks like it came from an old acient chinese scrool, with the grain effect and the texture---- i'm INCRIDEBLY MEZMIRIZED how you used the texture without interfiring in the finshed piece, and this inking... the line its incredibly thin, and it matches the style so well!

    The only thing i would "critique" would be the head shape of the blue drawing. Don't get me wrong, i'm still in shock with literally everything, the colouring, the anatomy the face and oh my god theres so much-- But it looks like the face was a little small compared to the whole head and the hairline. It's a pretty small detail, don't worry about that so much, it doesnt interfier in the beauty and the message of the finneshed product , just a little thing to keep an eye out!

    Keep working! I'm really interested in your art style, and hope to see and hear more from you!
    XoXo <3

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