Siemens- Wayfinding & Signage design

This project is about designing a wayfinding &signage system design for Siemens. It includes understanding of proportion, materials & systems. This was a group project. It included things like studying a specific environment and designing according to it. We actually visited the company many a times to get a clear idea of how the signage should be designed. Also understanding the work culture there was a prominent part.

This was a classroom project. The designs are inspired from the space we worked on. Firstly, we mapped the area of the office and sutured the existing signage there. We looked at the scope of improvement there and then started brainstorming concepts to go about it.

Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop

After mapping the area, and taking the measurements in that space to fit the signage perfectly we started designing as per our research on Illustrator. We used photoshop to make the mock ups in the project to get an insight about how it will look in that coporate space.

Understanding a space and designing in that area according to its environment. This project targeted the people working in the software sector. Therefore this project was designed taken them into consideration. The also learned about the different type of wayfinding medias and types of signage. We started of with small thumbnail sketches.

The faculty in our college appreciated the work done throughout the project.

Aishwarya Navale

I am Aishwarya Navale from Pune, currently in my last year at MIT Institute of Design.