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Nathan Monção
August 14, 2018
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The objective of this project was to create characters from solid silhouettes, and explore this process with different themes like orcs, witches, people, robots, different poses and perspectives, and overall styles. Not only the artistic part, but also on the technical part as well, like painting shapes, blending colors and so on.

At all started when I felt I was doing a lot of linework, for both characters and scenaries, and it was really getting me into a confort zone createvely, I felt I should test different processes and experiment more in terms of shapes, so I tought about doing characters from solid "unformed" silhouettes and trying to bring some characters to life from that.

I've done all of them with a single brush on Krita.

For this project I used the software Krita and my wacom intuos, it's both a software and a tablet that I've been using for quite sometime, what I really like about this software is that it's really simple and intuitive, I got a good consistency working on it,

The process of this project it's very simple, I'd start by blocking a solid silhouette, sometimes with something already in mind and sometimes spontaneously, once a got the silhouett locked, I then would try to find some forms within, placing some colors and then painting on top of everything,

I thought it was interesting to capture every part of the painting, from the silhouett to a final form of the character.

I got a good feedback from this project, mainly about the dancer and clown characters, people seemed to find them quite interesting,

I learned a lot from this experience, I mean A LOT, not only it got me out of being dependend of lineart, but it also opened my mind to think about the shapes and volumes directly, without sketching it first. Another great thing this project brought me was a freash feeling of doing more landscapes, something that wasn't really my thing before this.

I guess what want to say is mainly that: Don't be afraid of testing new things on your paintings, even if it's not looking good at first, it will bring something new to your creative thinking and I'm sure you'll create awesome things from that.

Thank you for reading and if you have any questions feel free to leave a comment ?


Nathan Monção

Self-taught artist enthusiastic about stories and characters :)

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