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Seyda Senay ELMAS
December 29, 2017
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SIMPLEX is a tv remote control design which focused on making one of the most used product at our houses more clear, energetic and young with its unique and innovative form. Its unique silicone surface doesn't make the product only modern or good looking and also gives the user a unique experience with the material's softness.

I believe that SIMPLEX is a good example of combination of form and function and applying a pattern in right place. It shows that we don't always need new technologies to make the products different / innovative, sometimes using different materialsand thinking outside the box can make a big difference.
In design process, I choose this pattern because it is simple yet looking young and energetic, and also it was easy to applying optimal button coordination on this pattern considering ergonomics.

First of all, I start with idea sketcing, then continue with concept sketches. After sketching, I made some prototypes to test practicality, ergonomics and discover optimal button coordinations. After, I modelled with SolidWorks, then rendered with Keyshot. I also use Adobe Illustrator to presentation.

The feedbacks of my project was really good. Some of other designers thinks SIMPLEX is different, innovative, unique and also interesting design concept. I learned from this project that sometimes using a different material and also thinking all possibilities even for a remote control make huge differences.

Seyda Senay ELMAS

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