Illustration that corresponds to the Insomnia series

It encloses several ideas and refers to the internal demons

Juxtaposition of situations and feelings difficult to explain with words but with images is much more appropriate

A reality that is not what it seems and a dream that says more than it seems.

Continuing with my particular surrealist style, I try to interpret, through watercolor, oneiric situations, through a synthesis of recognizable elements in explicit situations.
The cold colors are again my recurring palette, and the theme with liquid elements is also present, as well as the common characters but also the strange and aggressive objects in tranquil landscapes.

The theme is a metaphor about the internal demons and deceptions that we are confronted with daily, the fear to take erroneous dictions, and the sensation of standing on unstable ground.

Recurrently I use watercolor as my favorite technique because of its transparency and the great possibilities of chroma blends, I usually use thin brushes to achieve small details and fine textures on cotton coartons.

I am enthusiastic about the comments on social networks like facebook and instagram where the number of followers has increased, as well as the positive reactions. I have invitations to exhibit soon in an alternative art gallery
One of my followers gave me an opinion that I think that generalizes the responses of the spectators: “It reaches me, it surpasses me, it affects me, congratulations brother …”

I will never stop painting while I can, many ideas on the way

Manolo González-Zavala

Illustrator and editorial designer, with over 20 years of professional experience as well as teaching career in graphic design and illustration in different universities.
Passionate about illustration, he has mainly developed the technique of watercolor as a particular form of expression, with which he manifests a position in certain situations of life, dreams and nightmares.
Other techniques that he frequently uses are digital, ink and marker.