Singapore Art Museum

People often view art gallery as high brow and think that art and creativity are only reserved for the artist, designer, illustrator, and crafter. While the truth is that it is open and free for everyone to participate, enjoy, explore, and grow. Everyone has an innate art in them, but it takes practices to discover and build their innate art. The concept for the branding is to help the people to discover their inner artist by encouraging them to interact with various brand materials and see how creative expression can be for everyone, in order to help them to discover and build their child-like curiosity and interest for creative experimentation and art.

The inspiration for the project actually derived from my childhood memory when I used to patiently connecting the two number dots with line in order to reveal the image as a whole. It helped me to develop not only my drawing skills, but also imagination through simple way of connecting the two number dots. Thus, the core concept for the brand was built on this inspiration, but I redesigned the way how people can interact with the dots and made the dots as part of the key brand element for the art museum, which can then be used as a grid both for layout and illustration.

The core material I used for the interactive concept was acrylic in order to allow the people to draw their own illustrations according to the dots and erase them after that.

The process began with researching, then afterward brainstorming and exploration for ideas. After going through a critics session with my lecturer, we both agreed on the idea of interactivity and found that it was an unique solution. Hence, I followed the direction of this idea and explored various interactive ideas and elements that are both flexible and easily recognizable. After another session of critics, I then narrowed down the ideas and started to move into Adobe Illustrator to create prototypes and mockups and test those ideas. Once the designs was tested, I chose the best idea and continued to develop and refine it. I did a few phases of reprinting the artworks and items until I was completely satisfy with the detail and craftsmanship of the work.

The project was well commented and appreciated by my lecturers, employers, as well as people from other countries. The interactive concept was very much the core attribute that elevate my project since it went beyond just a visual aesthetic. The illustration style for the postcards were favored by some of the people as well. Although there are room for improvement and potential to further develop and expand the idea, but looking back at my progress throughout my years of study in design school, I do consider myself to have grown a lot as a designer especially in this final year project.

Yee Dang Tay

My name is Lionel (Tay Yee Dang), a graphic designer. I see the role of the designer as both an ideas generator and visual problem solver. Although design can be subjective, I adopt a logical approach to my work that is aesthetically pleasing as well. I personally enjoy lettering and typographic work.