Singapore Deconstruction by Carsten Witte

Singapore Deconstruction is a follow-up project for an art exhibition by our featured artist. When you look at the buildings you will find a rather unusual form. This process consists of multiple images put together to create one deconstructed image. Check out this unique art set! Enjoy!

Shot in Singapore in November 2015 this project is the follow-up from similar architecture project I shot in New York, Las Vegas, Milan and Paris. The purpose is for art exhibitions. Print sizes are up to 3m.

– Carsten Witte




I shot 6 days in Singapore and spent about two weeks for retouching and post-production.

– Carsten Witte



It started about 8 years ago in NYC. My approach was not to shoot the buildings itself, but their reflections in other surfaces. And to prove their steadiness or unsteadiness. The deconstructed images are combinations of slightly different angles, melted into one image.

– Carsten Witte



I shot with a Canon EOS 5D R and lenses between 19mm and 350mm. Photoshop and Lightroom were used for the post-production. The printing is done on Hahnemühle Fine Art Barytha.

– Carsten Witte





Carsten Witte is a photographer from Hamburg, Germany. Born in 1964, he graduated in 1983 from Gymnasium (German education system). He did internships in advertising agencies and photo-studios in the years 1983 to 1985. He started studying photography and film design in Bielefeld in 1986. And in 1989, he opened a studio with co-photographer Angela Bergling in Hamburg and had his first exhibition for Kodak at the Photokina in 1992. Since then, he frequent exhibits in Hamburg, Berlin, Frankfurt, Cologne, Munich, Istanbul, Ystad, Paris and New York. He is now currently living and working in Hamburg with his two kids. See more of his amazing artworks in Behance and his website.