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Elisa Hernández
June 25, 2018
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Title: S I S T E R S // Models: Jazmin & Melanie Dickau // Make Up: Silvina Lizarraga // Ph & Retouch: Böhmisch // Country: Argentina // These photos are part of my ongoing phase as a portrait photographer, mixing artistic and experimental facial expression with fashion details.

The idea started with my friend Silvina, who is a makeup artist, and we like to represent beauty without changing the natural characteristics of our models, so we made a kind of natural makeup, and with the hair we chose to apply some texture to enrich the composition of the image. Then we also decided to add color in some images to create a total atmosphere that is enhanced by a tone warmer than natural light. We also decided to apply the same textured hair to both sisters so that they could have some affinities and also differences with their clothes or accessories.

I used a Canon 60D, a 50mm lens, cellophane paper and 2 flashes. Then for post production i used Adobe Photoshop and a Wacom Intuos. First i went up with the set and texture to appear from behind of my models, i tested the light and the atmosphere i could create taking as a main point how the model would play with her hair combined with their romantic faces.

Everyone liked the atmosphere of these portraits, they loved how both sisters looked similar but at the same time each one preserved their own expression and personality different from the other. The points in favor that people liked were the use of color, the poses in the portraits, the styling, natural makeup with touches of light and the lighting of the set.

Elisa Hernández

Fashion & fine art photographer from El Salvador. I like to develop the expressiveness of the model(s) in my images and also i like to work a lot with art direction. I'm available to travel/work worldwide. Looking forward to create new projects with new people; if you like my work or want to get it touch: [email protected]

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