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Josh Patterson
August 8, 2021
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This is a personal project I created back in 2020. I was living in Lisbon, Portugal at the time and was inspired by the thriving skate scene they have there. Being a keen skateboarder myself, I'm always happy to incorporate some form of skateboarding element into my artwork.

The style I used for this project is slightly different to they way I usually work. Given the process used to create the animation, and the medium I was using, I was keen to create a more organic, hand-drawn feel.

I'd been exploring animation more and more during my time in Lisbon and was experimenting with creating looping gifs using Procreate. The process was relatively simple, I'd draw each frame by hand and then link it all together in a gif. There are roughly 18 separate drawings per animation.

The project ended up getting more attention than I had expected. What started off as a small experiment, lead to friends and clients wanting to see more of this style. I'm keen to start thinking about how I can bring this hand-drawn effect into my day to day practice. And will continue to explore ways in which animation can inform my illustrations in future.

Josh Patterson

Josh is an award-winning freelance illustrator based in London. He graduated from Birmingham City University in 2015 and has been illustrating for a variety of companies, brands, magazines and books ever since. The majority of his work is highly conceptual and editorial based. He's versatile in his practice though and enjoy exploring other areas in the creative field such as digital & motion design. 

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