Skittles – The Rainbow Fruits

Feel the rainbow. Taste the rainbow. The literal translation of fruity extravaganza in just one simple striking visual. What else can be there if not just the fruits made of our favourite candy? So I took the fruits, took the candy, and started experimenting with how I can create the ad. Oh and I ate them during the process. Did it help? Maybe. Maybe not. Only the rainbow knows.

The rainbow made me do it, with unicorns and fruits jumping everywhere. They told me to create something like this so the world can be a better place. And of course I had to use some of my human form capabilities.

I just took lots and lots of Skittles and throwed them at the screen – And then the magic happened. The whole process took approx. two days including the rendering – I actually thought that it will take so much longer but powered by the rainbow my computer created the visuals in just couple of hours.

I learned that unicorns are the most magical creatures on the rainbow and if you can take the strawberry and make it into a candy it will look exactly as made of Skittles. How fun is it? Strawberry, banana, cherry, apple and pineapple – All of these tasty fruits gave me an inspiration to follow the rainbow path and become a better guy.

Stay happy! And taste the rainbow fruits!

Simon Waloszek